International Dot Day Project

Four Classes Making Their Mark

Connect The Dot Stories: Australia

Today Mrs Morris’ grade one, two, and three students came up with some sets of words and they challenge you to connect the dots and make a short story!

Visitors, find out more about Connect The Dot Stories here.

We’d love you to share your story responses to our sets of words. This could be either as text (in a new post or in a comment), or as audio or video.

Here are our ideas!

Team Funny

dot, funny, cute, because, tree

Team Hot Dog

brave, house, hot dog, art, dot

Team Titanic

artist, creative, Titanic, bulldog, cake,

(There are two Titanics in this picture but you don’t have to use both!)

Team Dab

colour, draw, floss, dab, surfboard

Team Shark

pen, splash, China, shark, potato

Team Puppy

dot, green, puppy, line, tree

Team Campfire

line, Tokyo, campfire, diamond, quack

Team Splash

colour, splash, tree, run, smell, dot

We can’t wait to see what you create!


  1. Hello Mrs Morris’s students in Australia. My students in Cape Town LOVED seeing your pictures and looking at your dot words. They asked me to send a message to you saying that they accept your challenge and will try and write stories with your words next week.
    From Mrs Beal

    • Mrs Morris' students

      September 12, 2018 at 10:16 am

      Dear Mrs Beal,

      Thanks for your comment. We can’t wait to read your students’ stories!

      From Mrs Morris and 2/3A

  2. Dear Team Puppy,

    Once upon a time, there was a puppy named Dot. One day, he found a wishing tree. The tree said, “Little puppy, choose a good wish or else!”

    Dot thought for a while. Then he finally said, “I wish for a family.”

    Suddenly, dot saw his family. They all had black and brown spots. They had pointy ears. There were three, so now they were a family of four.

    “You have two more wishes,” said the wishing tree.

    Dot said, “I have enough wishes!”

    When they got home, they all hugged Dot and had puppy food for dinner!

    Hope you liked my story. I’ll be sending you some dots to connect next week.

    Your friend,

    (Mrs. Y♥llis’ student)

    • Mrs Morris' students

      September 12, 2018 at 10:19 am

      Dear Hana,

      Thank you for telling us your great story. We thought it was wonderful. I’m looking forward to connecting your words too!

      From Team Puppy

  3. Dear Team Campfire,

    In Tokyo, the Diamond Agency was in a battle with the Quack-a-terians on the planet of Quack-a-dodo. Campfire squad was on the case for the Diamonds. The battle was over who would find the valuable opals hidden in a cave with lasers. Who would get past the lasers and get the goods first?

    The Diamonds were first on the scene. They stretched themselves out into a straight, thin line and crawled under the laser. One the way out of the cave, the Diamonds crashed into the head of the Quack-a-terians. His name was Head Quacker. They decided to split the treasure and become friends.

    At the end, all the Quack-a-terians cheered. Quack! Quack! Quack!
    The Diamonds paid for everyone to go out for Sushi.

    Have you ever seen an opal in Australia?

    Logan, Josh, Michaela, Faith, Brett, and Scarlett
    (Mrs. Y♥llis’ students)

    • Mrs Morris' students

      September 12, 2018 at 10:24 am

      Dear Logan, Josh, Michaela, Faith, Brett, and Scarlett

      We loved your story and we all laughed!

      Archie has seen an opal before. Calvin bought an opal at a market in Melbourne. Tilly found an opal when she went mining with her family. Ashton went mining and found one too.

      From Team Campfire and 2/3A

  4. Dear Team Shark,

    We accept your challenge! Here is our story with
    pen, splash, China, shark, and pototo.

    Once upon a time, there was a potato named Mr. Salad. He lived in China. He went surfing with his team called The Razors. Nearby was a shark! He opened his jaws and swallowed him whole. Luckily, Mr. Salad had a pen in his waterproof case. Mr. Salad took out his pen and then he tickled the shark in its belly. The shark opened its jaw and Mr. Salad quickly swam out.

    Mr. Salad swam to shore and enjoyed a nice cup of coffee at Starbucks.


    Do you ever see sharks or any other sea creatures when you go to the beach?

    Your friends,
    Sasha and Charlie
    (Mrs. Y♥llis’ students)

  5. Dear Team Shark,

    Once upon a time, there was a potato named Preston who loved to draw sketches of potatoes with a rainbow pen. One day, he went to the beach. He did a flip and made a massive splash. Then he saw an island. He swam to it even though it was far away. Because it was salt water, he floated. (That’s true!) He got lost and was terrified. He was just bobbing around. Then he saw something in the water. He thought it was that shark that nearly ate Mr. Salad. (See the story above.) Now he was horrified! Right when he was about to scream for help, the shark ate him. It is a sad story for Preston the potato. However, it was a happy ending for the shark! Now that shark loves potatoes!


    Do you like to eat potatoes?

    Your new friend,

    • Thank you for your amazing story

      I loved how the potato named Preston got eaten by a shark 🦈

      From Calvin in Australia 🖊💦🇨🇳🥔🦈

    • Thank you for the story’s I liked them they where awesome

      From your new friend in Australia Darcy😄🍆

  6. Dear Team Shark,

    Once upon a time, a living Pete the Potato conquered planet Earth. Pete the Potato flew to China to visit his uncle. His uncle’s name was Jerry.

    On the plane he ate some potato chips. When Pete got off the plane, he went to the beach. He made a big splash! When the splash cleared he saw Slappy the shark. The shark came up to Pete and asked, “Will you give me your autograph?”

    Pete was afraid and said, “No.”

    Slappy threw Pete all the way to Hawaii! He landed in John Cena kitchen. “Oh, a potato! I’ll bake it!

    The end


    Have you ever hear of John Cena?

    Your new friends,
    Josh, Ben, Lila, and Brett

    • Dear Josh, Ben, Lila, and Brett,

      That was a really funny story and we all laughed!

      We loved how you used John Cena. Most students in 1/2A know he is a famous wrestler in WWE. (Mrs Morris did not know that!).

      We did notice that you forgot to use the word pen. Whoops!

      Great job!
      Your friends in 1/2A and Mrs Morris

  7. Dear grade 1 – 3s in Australia. My grade 3 students have replied to challenge. Each students was assigned one of your teams and they wrote their stories on a world map rather than in the comment box. They made sure they used your team’s words. I have added the stories in a post called ‘Replies to the Connect your dots: Australia challenge. We hope you like the stories.

  8. its so fun leaning.

  9. I like doing global studies! Did Archie C do it? I didn’t see him in the dot photos.
    My cousins Chaise P and Lucien would have loved this!
    Ruby C
    Team Dab

    • Kathleen Morris

      September 15, 2018 at 2:38 pm

      Hi Ruby,
      Happy Dot Day! Archie wasn’t there when we did that lesson.
      Looking forward to our final Dot Day activity next week!
      Mrs Morris


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