International Dot Day Project

Four Classes Making Their Mark

Connect the Dot Stories: Canada

Here in Ontario, Canada, it is the fifth day of the school year. We are using a Peter Reynolds calendar and dots to keep track of the days.  How many days of school has your class had so far?

Our class, Team 2, loved telling dot stories using the photos from this post.  We had to practice flossing and dabbing for one of them!  My Grade 2 class chose our own words from the book  to share.  Now the world can make up even more dot stories.

Team Splash

Team Polar Bear

Team Name


  1. How lovely to see your students in Canada.

  2. Kai from Australia

    September 12, 2018 at 10:48 am

    Dear Team Jab,

    Once was there was teacher named Mr Jab. He was walking to school when an evil hippopotamus smiled at him. In one moment there was a big flash. The hippos name was Carefully. Then Mr Jab jumped on the hippos back and the hippo grew wings. They flew away!

    From your friend in Australia,

  3. Josie and Tara Australia

    September 12, 2018 at 10:56 am

    Hi Team Polar Bear. Here is our story.

    It was cold in Greenland and a little polar bear was building an igloo to sleep in. It took three days to build. On the fourth day the polar bear opened the door and a strong man emptied out a jug of hot water by accident but the polar bear thought it was on purpose. So the polar bear got upset and the man draw a letter to the polar bear and he did some art to say sorry and became friends

    From Tara and Josie

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