We are loving our Dot Day activities in preparation for International Dot Day on 15th September. We love being part of the International Dot Day project.

We had a fun, dotty lesson that involved grade 3 in Cape Town recently! (This lesson is a variation of the Connect the Dot stories found on this page of this blog). What happened is… the Grade 3’s wrote some DOTTY RHYMES!  Let’s say it another way… amusing nonsensical rhymes!

This is how Google defines dotty…

This is what happened.  This activity actually involved grade 1,2 and 3 in one way or another!

The grade 1s listened to the Dot Day story by Peter Reynolds found on this page. They each had to think of two or three words, which I then wrote lightly in pencil on their dots and they traced over the writing in khoki pen.  We made teams from grades 1-3 using the SAME dots.   We want you to meet the teams.

Team 1

Team 2

Team 3

The grade 3s then chose one coloured dot and created a dotty rhyme from the two or three words on the dot.   You’ll see, in the example below, that the two or three words on the dots they chose are underlined in each dotty word.

Here are the dotty words:

Here are the dotty rhyme examples:

Are you keen to write some dotty rhymes as well?