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Connect the Dots From America!

After reading Peter H. Reynold’s fabulous book The Dot, we put together a fun “Connect the Dots” writing project with our blogging buddies. We hope to get some fun stories!

Here are the steps we took to set up our “Connect the Dots” stories!

Step 1: Each team made a collection of words from the story or words used in our classroom. 

The collection could be five to six words. 


Step 2: Each person on the team wrote one word on a dot and then cut it out. 


Step 3: Each person on the team decorated their dot.


Step 4: This is where YOU come in! Please select a team and write a clever story or poem using all of their words. We can wait to read your story in the comments!


Wilbur the pig, swiftly, surfboard, taco, discovered



Barnaby Bones, painted, gazing, carefully, dot



Beverly, swiftly, taco tomato, gold 



Arnold, jab, dot, blue, gold, swirly



Panda, dot,  painted, gold, squiggly

Have fun connecting the dots!

Connect the Dot Stories: Canada

Here in Ontario, Canada, it is the fifth day of the school year. We are using a Peter Reynolds calendar and dots to keep track of the days.  How many days of school has your class had so far?

Our class, Team 2, loved telling dot stories using the photos from this post.  We had to practice flossing and dabbing for one of them!  My Grade 2 class chose our own words from the book  to share.  Now the world can make up even more dot stories.

Team Splash

Team Polar Bear

Team Name

Can you complete our ‘What happens next’ Dot Day stories?

Mrs Beal’s Grade 3 class in Cape Town has been having such a lot of fun preparing for International Dot Day. If you take a peek you will see that one of the activities on this blog is Connect the Dot stories. My class has done a variation of this activity and we have called it ‘What happens next?’

This is how we went about the lesson.

  • We all listened to Peter Reynolds reading the DOT STORY  (we, unfortunately, do not have the book yet). As we listened to the story we wrote, on a piece of paper, some of the words that had caught our attention during the reading of the story.
  • After that we chose 3 or 4 of our words, plus we added 2 random words that were not in the story, and we swapped papers.
  • Whoever received the new set of words needed to write a story using those words. The story needed to end with ‘What happens next’.
  • We did this lesson using a collaborative Google slides presentation. We used two slides from the Slides Carnival free template, Eglamour, because the template contained two lovely dot slides.

We had fun reading each other’s stories. However we would like to ask you to add to the stories! If you would like to help us in this way, just add the name of the story in the comment box along with another few sentences showing what happens next. We would love that!

Here are our stories:

Can you add an ending to any of our stories?

Connect The Dot Stories: Australia

Today Mrs Morris’ grade one, two, and three students came up with some sets of words and they challenge you to connect the dots and make a short story!

Visitors, find out more about Connect The Dot Stories here.

We’d love you to share your story responses to our sets of words. This could be either as text (in a new post or in a comment), or as audio or video.

Here are our ideas!

Team Funny

dot, funny, cute, because, tree

Team Hot Dog

brave, house, hot dog, art, dot

Team Titanic

artist, creative, Titanic, bulldog, cake,

(There are two Titanics in this picture but you don’t have to use both!)

Team Dab

colour, draw, floss, dab, surfboard

Team Shark

pen, splash, China, shark, potato

Team Puppy

dot, green, puppy, line, tree

Team Campfire

line, Tokyo, campfire, diamond, quack

Team Splash

colour, splash, tree, run, smell, dot

We can’t wait to see what you create!

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