International Dot Day Project

Four Classes Making Their Mark

Connect the Dots From America!

After reading Peter H. Reynold’s fabulous book The Dot, we put together a fun “Connect the Dots” writing project with our blogging buddies. We hope to get some fun stories!

Here are the steps we took to set up our “Connect the Dots” stories!

Step 1: Each team made a collection of words from the story or words used in our classroom. 

The collection could be five to six words. 


Step 2: Each person on the team wrote one word on a dot and then cut it out. 


Step 3: Each person on the team decorated their dot.


Step 4: This is where YOU come in! Please select a team and write a clever story or poem using all of their words. We can wait to read your story in the comments!


Wilbur the pig, swiftly, surfboard, taco, discovered



Barnaby Bones, painted, gazing, carefully, dot



Beverly, swiftly, taco tomato, gold 



Arnold, jab, dot, blue, gold, swirly



Panda, dot,  painted, gold, squiggly

Have fun connecting the dots!


  1. Hey Team Wilber, we love your photo and are excited to work with the words you have given us.

    From C.J and Joslyn🤩

  2. Dear Team Panda,

    Once there was a panda called “Squiggly”.He had gold all Down his back in the shape of dots.One day Squiggly exparemented with lots of colourful paint and painted the most beautiful artwork!

    From Tilly in Australia 😆

  3. Dear Team Barnaby Bones,

    Here is a story for you.

    Barnaby Bones painted a big dot. He was gazing at the dot when he saw a dog. He carefully patted the dog and then the owner came and got the dog.

    Best wishes,
    Ashton and Felix, Australia

  4. Dear Team Panda,

    On cold day lived a panda and he was very bored in the cold. His name was “squiggly”. His favourite colour was gold. He had warts in the shape off a dot all over his feet! One day he went out on an experiment and discovered all about science. When he came back a couple of days later he decided to paint a picture, but with all that colour in the picture it made him faint.

    That was some nice words that we could use. Thank you.
    I hope you like the story and hopefully it has enough detail.

    From Chloe I hope you have a nice day! 😀😀😀 Australia

  5. Hey Team Wilbur love the story good job of picking the words could not have done it better

    It was phenomenal great job and this is the story that we came up with:

    Wilbur the pig swiftly walked down the street into the surf board shop and he discovered a surfboard that had a taco on it he bought it and then he went to the beach and started surfing. He had fun.

    By C.J and Joselyn

  6. Dear team Beverly

    Once upon a time there was a girl named Beverly who was a tomato that ran so swiftly. Beverly loved taco Tuesday but it was not for Beverly,Beverly was a tomato it was for giant people. Beverly ran!

    From Alex, Australia

  7. Dear Mrs Yollis. We loved seeing pictures of your class at work. We will add our stories with the words from your teams soon.

  8. Mrs. Yollis

    September 14, 2018 at 12:25 pm

    Dear Mrs. Yollis and class,

    I am Faith’s brother, Nolan. I saw you had this dot thing going on, so I decided to blog. I picked Team Arnold’s word collection because my sister is in that group. Here is my story…

    Arnold Fisherson was a fish-detective and everyone knew him. His friend, Linda, was a computer whiz. She knew a lot about them. She always told Arnold where to find the treasures the world had to give.

    One day, Arnold woke to Linda speaking on his walkie-talkie.

    “Arnold! I just found out that there is a vault full of gold under Buck’s Grocery store! You have got to go!”

    “Okay…” Arnold said groggily. He jumped out of bed, and raced to the kitchen. He slept with his detective clothes on, just for good measure. He wolfed down some toast, then headed toward his car. His undercover detective car looked like any old Toyota, but he made some upgrades with it. He zoomed to Buck’s Grocery Store, but he didn’t go too fast that he looked suspicious. Once he arrived, he parked, and walked inside.

    “There should be a secret entry to the underground lair in the frozen foods aisle,” Linda noted.

    “Alright,” Arnold said. He looked and looked until he found a frozen pizza box on the floor. Arnold picked it up, and the floor below him opened. Arnold was quickly swallowed in darkness….

    Arnold woke to Linda, again, talking.

    “Are you okay?” She asked.

    “Yeah,” Arnold answered. He stood up, brushed himself off, and looked around. He was in a small hallway with dirty brick walls and dim torches. The room was dark, damp, and kind of claustrophobic. Then, something caught Arnold’s eye. A big, iron, vault door. He walked over. There was a keyhole in the middle. Arnold sighed. He knew he had to find a key now. Arnold began to tell Linda,

    “Well, now I have to find-“ But he didn’t finish his sentence, because something else caught his eye. It was a small, shiny blue thing under a tiny rock. He knelt over, and picked up the rock. There, under the rock, was a small blue key. There was a weird swirly white dot imprinted on it, but Arnold didn’t care. He wanted to find that gold. He grabbed the key, stood up, and turned to the vault. He slid, or tried to slide, the key in the hole. It didn’t work. Arnold tried to jab it in the hole. After two attempts, the key slid in the keyhole. Arnold twisted the key. The vault door unlocked. Arnold pushed it open. In front of him, was a huge mountain of gold. It was so bright and shiny, that Arnold had to look away for a second for his eyes to adjust. Well, Arnold had done it. He dove into the gold pile.

    “Woohoo!” He yelled.

    “You did it!?” Linda asked excitedly.

    “Yep!” Answered Arnold.

    Arnold swam in the golden objects. He was really happy. But, he still needed to get this gold to his house somehow. Oh, well. He’ll figure it out. All that matters is that the amazing Arnold has done it again.


    There you have it! My story! Hope you liked it!

    Have a good rest of the year!

    Nolan D.

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