Today Mrs Morris’ grade one, two, and three students came up with some sets of words and they challenge you to connect the dots and make a short story!

Visitors, find out more about Connect The Dot Stories here.

We’d love you to share your story responses to our sets of words. This could be either as text (in a new post or in a comment), or as audio or video.

Here are our ideas!

Team Funny

dot, funny, cute, because, tree

Team Hot Dog

brave, house, hot dog, art, dot

Team Titanic

artist, creative, Titanic, bulldog, cake,

(There are two Titanics in this picture but you don’t have to use both!)

Team Dab

colour, draw, floss, dab, surfboard

Team Shark

pen, splash, China, shark, potato

Team Puppy

dot, green, puppy, line, tree

Team Campfire

line, Tokyo, campfire, diamond, quack

Team Splash

colour, splash, tree, run, smell, dot

We can’t wait to see what you create!